Nowlage Summoner Gate Opening on DEC 15TH! Tatics Cardgame! #Playtoearn #NFT #NAC

Guardians are one of the main NFTs the player can possess in The Nowl Age.


The Nowl Age assets such as Guardians are user-owned BSC-721 NFTs can be freely traded with other players.

Guardians can be minted by using Summoner Books which you bought from Summoners Gate. Each Guardian comes with a random element and rarity (star) upon minting.

Currently, there is no way to change the element…

The Nowl Age utilizes a Play-to-Earn model by distributing $NAC through gameplay and giving value to player NFTs by increasing their use through future features.

NFTs may be freely traded on the marketplace for $NAC tokens, which can then be traded on exchanges or converted to fiat currency.

Options for…

It is not difficult to imagine GameFi taking increasingly bigger bites out of the global video games market worth $175 billion. Soon it will be taking over the traditional game.

As cryptos rock the internet world and continue to be a global phenomenon, people start to looking a way to incorporate this revolutionary technology into their industries. Online gaming, in particular, has become a breeding ground for exciting innovations in this space. …


The Nowl Age is an NFT gaming ecosystem aiming to build a vast Fantasy metaverse living on Block Chain.

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